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Industry Valve,(Ball, Gate),Stainless High Performance

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Manufacturing Process

Concept for Investment Casting Process

Product Line

1. Manual Valve
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Gate, Globe, Check Valve, Strainer, Needle valve

2. Direct Mounting Valve
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve

3. Automatic Actuating Valve
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve

Hello Customers
Kisang Corporation is a leading South Korean manufacturer and exporter of specialized valves. The range of our product line good quality, and competitive price have made us one of the first growing companies of its kind in South Korea.

Located in Seoul, we produce a wide variety of valve items in industrial valves for the field of biotechnology (BT), food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, semiconductor, solar cell, solar thermal, petrochemical and vacuum.

Furthermore, we are supplying not only manual type valves but also pneumatic and electric control valves with the high technology.

We at Kisang Co. will work with you to produce the types of valves products that will sell well in your country. We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments and our prices are very competitive.

Manufacturing Mission
The major goal of Kisang Corporation is pleased our customer's with great quality, series and price. Based on the principle, we are focusing on making products beyond customer's expectation.

Quality Management System
Principle of quality management of Kisang comes from customer's satisfaction.
All quality assurance activity is based on participation of every member of employees.
Under the "Total quality management" our product is carefully controlled and noticed throughout all process such as product planning, designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and after-sales service. Kisang is trying to achieve customer's satisfaction by providing the high quality and services under ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 1400, and Environmental Management System.

Reference Standard & Specification

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
ISO 9001 : Quality system. Model of quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing
ISO 5208 : Industrial valves, pressure testing for valves.
ISO 5211 : Part turn valve actuator attachment
ISO 7121 : Flanged steel ball valves
ISO 10631 : Metallic butterfly valve for general purpose

ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

B1.1 : Unified screw threads
B2.1 : Pipe threads(except dryseal)
B16.5 : Steel pipe flanges and flange fittings
B16.10 : Face-to face and end-to-end dimensions for ferrous valves
B16.11 : Forged steel fittings, socket welding and threaded
B16.20 : Ring joint gaskets and grooves for steel pipe flange
B16.21 : Nonmetallic gaskets for pipe flanges
B16.25 : Butt welding ends
B16.34 : Steel valves flanged and butt welding end
B18.2.1 : Square and hex bolts and screws
B18.2.2 : Square and hex nuts
B31.1 : Power piping
B31.2 : Fuel gas piping
B31.3 : Chemical plant and petroleum refining piping
B31.4 : Liquid petroleum transportation piping systems.
B31.5 : Refrigeration piping systems
B31.7 : Nuclear power piping
B31.8 : Gas transmission and distribution piping systems.
B36.10 : Wrought steel and wrought iron pipe

BS (British Standard)

BS 1414 : Steel wedge gate valves (flange and butt welding ends)
BS 1560 : Circular flange for pipe, flanges and fitting
BS 1868 : Steel check valves (flange and butt welding ends)
BS 1873 : Steel globe and globe stop and check valves (flange and butt welding ends)
BS 2080 : Face-to-face, center-to-center, end-to-end and center-to-end dimension of valves
BS 5146 : Inspection and test of valves
BS 5351 : Steel ball valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries
BS 5352 : Steel wedge gate, globe and check valves (50mm & smaller)
BS 5364 : Valve for cryogenic service
BS 6755 PART 2 : Specification for fire type testing requirements

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

JIS B2003 : General rules for inspection of valves
JIS B2032 : Wafer type rubber seated butterfly valves
JIS B2064 : Butterfly valve for water works
JIS B2071 : 10kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged globe valves
JIS B2073 : 10kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged gate valves (outside screw type)
JIS B2074 : 10kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged swing check valves
JIS B2081 : 20kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged globe valves
JIS B2083 : 20kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged gate valves (outside screw type)
JIS B2084 : 20kgf/cm2 cast steel flanged swing check valves
JIS B2201 : Pressure ratings for ferrous material pipe flanges
JIS B2203 : Tolerances for pipe flanges
JIS B2210 : Basic dimensions of ferrous material pipe flanges
JIS F2312 : Shipbuilding rubber seat butterfly valves

API (American Petroleum Institute)

API 6A : Specification for wellhead equipment
API 6D : Specification for pipeline valves (steel gate, plug, ball and check valve)
API Standard 598 : Valve Inspection and test
API Standard 600 : Steel gate valves, flanged and butt welding ends
API Standard 603 : Class 140, cast corrosion resistant flanged and gate valves
API Standard 605 : Large diameter carbon steel flanges
API Standard 607 : Fire test for soft seated quarter turn valves
API Standard 609 : Butterfly valve; double flanged, lug & wafer type
AP Spec. RP6F : Recommended practice for fire test for valves
AP Spec. 6FA : Specification for fire test for valves
AP Spec. Q1 : Specification for quality programs

DIN (Deutsche Industrie Normen/German Industry Standard)

DIN 1691 : Cast iron with lamellar graphite (grey cast iron)
DIN 2500 : Flanges; General information
DIN 2531~35 : Cast iron flanges ; Norminal pressure 6~40
DIN 2543~45 : Cast iron flanges ; Norminal pressure 16~40
DIN 3202 T1 : Face-to-face dimensions of flanged valves
DIN 3202 T3 : Face-to-face dimensions of weld end valves
DIN 3210 : Coupling of electric actuators for valve
DIN 3211 : Valves; terminology
DIN 3339 : Valves ; body materials
DI 3354 T1 : Butterfly vales; general information
DIN 3354 T2 : Flanged cast iron butterfly stop valves with resilient seat
DIN 3356 T1 : Valves, general requirements
DIN 3356 T5 : Stainless steel stop valves
DIN 3358 : Attachment of linear thrust actuators ; mating dimensions
DIN 17440 : Stainless steels ; quality requirements
DIN 50049 : Documents on material tests
DIN EN 19 : Marking of general purpose industrial valves

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

NACE materials are optional and must be specified on purchase orders.
MR-01-75 : sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic material for oil field equipment
MT-01-77 : Laboratory corrosion testing of metal for the process industries

ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials)
MSS (Manufactures Standardization Society)
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
AWWA (American Water Works Association)
IEC (International Electro Technical Commision)